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Saturday, July 15

Guineas Made Mamma Proud!

My Guineas up to this point have been little more than loud ugly chickens.
I got them so they would do their natural job of eating all the bugs, being great guard birds, eating snakes, keeping hawks at bay etc etc etc...
Well.... they are the first to roost in the hen house every night.
They rarely come out of the chicken yard.
NOT doing their jobs!
Well... Bethany and Mom were here lastnight, They were leaving , Mom went to the back door, opened it then quickly shut it again. "Dana! What is in your yard??!!?? Do you hear that??!!?? (she was quite alarmed)
It was the Guineas raising a fuss. No biggie, they often do it for no reason other than the fact that I kicked em out of the hen house for the night.
I walked Mom & BT to their car and saw one of the hens who never makes it into the locked portion of the hen house come out into the dark yard.
I scolded her and told her she had No business out in the dark yard. Well..
There was a Big Ole Possum in the hen house trying to find eggs!!
The Guineas warned us of this danger!! Whoo hoo!! there IS hope yet!!
that's a good thing too! cause I just got 4 new white Guinea babies yesterday *grin*.


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