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Wednesday, July 26

Wife Swap?? Oh My!!

Well folks.... Leave it to me to make sure things never get boring around here.
Today at noon a casting Director, Producer and Camera crew from New York City are going to be in our home!
There was a post on Homesteading Today about the TV show "Wife Swap" looking for homesteaders to participate in their show.
Well, I e-mailed em and told them a little bit about our family. (That was 3 days ago)
Since then, we have been on the phone like mad.
They have done phone interviews w/ everyone in the family.
I filled out a Loong application.
Sent them pics of the farm/house/critters/home.

And they said they are excited and would like us to do the show!!
(Of course we have to pass the major FBI criminal background checks, communicable disease screens, & psychological screenings.)

If all goes well, they would like to film the show the 2nd week of Aug.
That's less than 2 weeks away!!! OMG!

till then, I am cleaning the house like a mad woman....
and trying to figure out how to lose 40lbs in 2 weeks! lol

will keep you posted.....

Grandma always says its impossible to get bored w/ me in her life.... I guess she was right! :)
lol always something going on here.


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