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Welcome to Clover Country Farms blog! We are a small just getting started family farm in SE Texas. We have 4 boys , 1 baby girl, and lots of critters. Have a seat, put your feet up & grab a glass of cold sweet tea & have a look around. Watch us grow and learn from our mistakes... The Good The Bad & The sometimes CRAZY goings on of a Family farm.

Monday, July 18

Hi! Welcome to Clover Country! After living in our
(Dream Home in Progress)
for almost 3 years, We finally came up w/ a name for our little
piece of country life!
Clover Country
what's think? I like it!
Now... Is it a Ranch? Or Farm?
I need to figure this out so I can register it w/ the state.
Either way, it's Home, and we love it!
OK.,... Now I need to get some back info on here so I don't forget.
Right now we have...

Introducing... Our newest girls..
Daffodil (first pic) & Daisy (2nd pic)
They are Beautiful Bottle fed Pygmy goats.
Born April 16th 2005.
They are just such a joy to have around.
They are the cutest things! Follow us around like puppies.!
I love going outside and hearing them "call" to me!.
They love the fact that Mommy always has raisins in her pocket!

The Pigs
We have 3 feeder pigs.
Sausage "Saucy"
& Bacon.
We got Saucy from a breeder in Crosby. She is a gem, very sweet and cute as can be!
Hot-Dog & Bacon came from the Crosby feed Barn. These boys are not as cute. But they r pigs! lol
We are trying not to get too attached to them because come October, they are going in the fridge... Cept for Bacon... he'll be the Guest of honor at our "Pig Pickin" in September.

We have 45ish chickens... We ordered the Rainbow layer collection from McMurry's hatchery. They were hatched out on Feb 14th 2005.
They are so much fun to watch! So many different kinds and colors.
We also got some banties from a neighbor lady. too cute!
I would rather sit out in my back yard and watch the chickens than watch any show on TV! The highlight of Brooke's day is feeding the chickens.

Angus the spoiled Rotten English Bulldog

Right now.....
We have 5 kids...
Craig 13
Chris 12
Bryan 9
Ben 6
& Brooke 20mo.