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Welcome to Clover Country Farms blog! We are a small just getting started family farm in SE Texas. We have 4 boys , 1 baby girl, and lots of critters. Have a seat, put your feet up & grab a glass of cold sweet tea & have a look around. Watch us grow and learn from our mistakes... The Good The Bad & The sometimes CRAZY goings on of a Family farm.

Wednesday, May 31

comic relief

The kittens are getting bigger and they are SOOO cute!
Well, I got a really nasty sunburn this week-end mowing the lawn, so I took off my bra today, set it on the couch while I ran to get Brooke. This is what I came back to find. **giggle** goofy kitties.

It's Summer!!

Well, The boys are all home for summer break.....
ALL of them are home! ALL the time!! Oh My! lol

They All passed and are thrilled with it. It was really "iffy" for Craig, but he pulled it out at the very last second.. I'm still not sure how he did it, I can only hope that he learned a lesson this year and decides that next year will be better. He was grounded and in trouble ALL this year because he just wouldn't try.
Keeping fingers crossed for him next year. This year was just miserable for us all. But.. I still ask.. how do you MAKE a kid motivated? We grounded him, took away EVERYTHING (he only had a mattress on the floor & books) sigh...

Monday, May 22

Busy But Nice Week-End

It's been a long week-end around here, but we got SO much done!

Finished the fence for the horse pen & pasture.

Hung gates on the new horse pen/pasture.

Put construction marking ribbon/tape all along the entire fence-line. (Paco has never been on a wire fence and some of ours is barbed wire, so I wanted to be sure he could see it see it).

Mowed the front pasture.

Dug holes and cemented My new chickens (will post pics) into the yard. (don't want them to get stolen)

Cleaned out the hen house and trying to break some of these broody hens so I'll get more eggs to sell.

Laundry Laundry Laundry.... as always.

The kids get out of school for summer break on Thursday!! Ugh!

Charles got his first pay check from his new job as pipe superintendent. The problem is.. We are now on bi-weekly pay. EVERY single bill we have came out of this paycheck!! Oh my its gonna be tight till next payday!

Now Today (Monday) I have to get to work on the Inside of the house. fun fun fun

Wednesday, May 17

Chickens chickens EVERYWHERE!

It seems Spring is in FULL Force around here.
so many of my hens have gone broody! I am not getting many eggs because these girls just want to sit and hatch! I have chicks everywhere! lol Oh my!
I lost count at 47 chicks! More hatch every day!
I'm really gonna have to thin my flock or sell a buncha eggs in a few months!

The ponies are doing good, Rowdy still has his moments where he doesn't want to be a good boy and let me get his lead line. But he is a little less stupid than before lol

Eeyore (pot belly pig) has decided that he LOVES the horses, he spends his days figuring out how to get out of his pen and get into the horse pen. lol the horses are not really impressed w/ him.. he wants to rub on them and love them, they would rather he just leave them alone.

the garden is doing great! cept I was a bad tomato mom and didnt get the tomato plants caged in time... now I have a jungle of tomatoes lol but a BUNCH of them... now we wait for them to ripen.
corn is coming up well, melons, squash, beans & cukes growing well too. Looks like the raised beds is the way to go.

Saturday, May 6

More Critters!

Things are going good w/ the ponies...
They now have names.

Paco - the lead horse/more tame
& Rowdy - he earned his name. he is still stubborn, but doing better.

Yesterday I went to the feed store, which I know is not a good thing! lol
I came home w/ 4 Eastern Wild Turkeys.
& 4 kittens.

I have been wanting some barn cats to help w/ mice etc in the barn, and I wanted to start w/ kittens, so they can get pecked a few times and get a little afraid of the chickens so hopefully they wont go after them later.

These are the first turkeys we have had, so it should be interesting. I was wanting to get a Broad Breasted breed, but this is what they had, and wild turkeys might go broody and raise come babies, we'll see. They are quite dumb lol I had to put a chick in w/ them to show them how/where to eat/drink! geesh!