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Welcome to Clover Country Farms blog! We are a small just getting started family farm in SE Texas. We have 4 boys , 1 baby girl, and lots of critters. Have a seat, put your feet up & grab a glass of cold sweet tea & have a look around. Watch us grow and learn from our mistakes... The Good The Bad & The sometimes CRAZY goings on of a Family farm.

Sunday, August 21

We have had a very exciting week around here.... after much thought Charles and I decided we were going to get a Great Dane for our family/farm. I have had a Great Dane hole in my heart for the past several years.

I called a breeder just outside of Waco who had a few females that were direct imports from Germany. I asked her if she has a litter coming up anytime soon, to my surprise she was in the middle of watching a birth!! I was sooo excited and began to plan my trip to Waco in 2 weeks to pick out my pup.

She called me and told me that there were some problems... The mamma had 18 pups! that was just too many and only 10 survived... first one born Sunday night, last one came Tuesday! wow. She told me that this was this females first littler and she was young and didnt know what to do.. so they were putting the pups on mom to feed and they were doing well.

Thursday evening she called me and told me that she didnt think any of the pups were going to make it. Her mother had a heart attack and she had to leave the pups & Mom to go to the hosp. When she got back (10hrs later) they had not eaten and were cold. she was bottle feeding those who were left (5). Then I got a call from her that night.. she was very upset and said she wanted to make me an offer... he mother had not only had a heart attack, but also a stroke. There was no way she could care for the dog/puppies the way they needed & take on her mother as well. We had talked alot.. she felt that I would take wonderful care of her babies....She offered me Sable (the mamma) and her puppies... and I could see how many I could get to pull thru. She told me that she just couldnt separate her danes. She wanted to know if I would like to have Sable , her sister Sara, and her male Arlo & any of the pups that were still alive. I was shocked! and told her I needed to talk to Charles.

My poor hubby, he was unsure of a dane in the first place (I didnt have Charles when I had my danes) when I told him about the phone call all he said was...... I'm off tomorrow and can build a kennel. I was in shock! God Bless him! I love that man!!!

I called her back and told her.... we have to build a big fence and I wouldnt have the $$ now and if she were willing to let me post-date a few checks I would be out first thing in the morning. She thought about it and decided that what was important was the fact that she knew they would have a great home and stay together and she agreed.

I left @5 Friday morning for the 5 hr drive to Waco.... I had decided that if the dogs were not what I expected, or their papers were not in order or I didnt get a good feeling I was not going to do it.... I had many doubts... "Why was this woman giving me all her Danes??" And how could she do it for so little money?? By the time I got there I just knew it was a scam.... I would get 5 parvo filled pups from bad dogs.... maybe even stollen dogs?? Everything ran thru my mind.When I pulled into the drive I was met by Arlo & Sara. OMG They were the most beautiful Danes I have ever seen!!!! But.. I tried to hide my relief and excitement. The breeder came out in tears. We sat and talked.... things began to make sense.... They ARE wonderful dogs.... This was a very nice woman... Her heart was in the right place... But she didnt know much about Danes. You see, Sable & Sara are only 13months old. Sable bred on her first heat!!! She is wayyyyy to young for this. All of the papers are in order... the girls are multi registered, and Arlo is dual AKC & CKC. (the girls have a bunch from Germany too). It was very obvious that these dogs were very well taken care of and loved very much. I also understood why she was getting rid of them... She had her mother to deal w/ and there was no way for her to care for 3 young danes, puppies & her mother in the way she had been. She was overwhelmed and upset by the puppies deaths. and just wanted someone who knew how to do the right thing. She felt very guilty.Her heart was in the right place...

There were still 2 pups hanging on... I immedeatly stuck em in my cleavage to get em warmer lol we sat on the couch between 2 danes and we talked for a few hours. I was trying to feed the pups.. and got some down em but I gve them a less than 10% chance of making it.

When we left (after standing in the driveway sobbing together) These dogs were wonderful!!! They have such good manners!! They know their commands.. sit stay no etc.... and are BEAUTIFUL!! they did great on the ride home. Bethany was working on the pups while I drove.. still in shock that these are OUR dogs! I have 3 great danes!!! omg! One of the pups died on the way home.... we did all that we could for him. we still had one hanging on. To make a longer story a tad shorter. we lost him 2 days later. He was a fighter, but in the end, just not strong enough, even w/ tube feeding etc...We took Sable and the pup to my vet yesterday morning... We are afraid that she still has one pup inside her.. (that makes 19 pups!!!) so we are getting her contractions going again.Other than alot of birth related trauma and some mastitus she is in great shape. we have her loaded on antibiotics. Everyone else has a clean bill of health.

These dogs are just such a joy. They are sooo well behaved, and have great manners. They listen! they are calm... I am sooo happy to have them in my family!! I'll post more about them soon... and lots of pics.. I think this post is long enough lol

Anyway.. I went from getting a pup in 7 weeks to 3 wonderful Danes NOW! lol

We plan to breed them again but not for well over a year.

Thursday, August 11

I know, I said that I was going to try to keep this blog updated... and its been too long. But now the boys are back in school!!
ALL the boys are in school!! whoo hoo!

Here goes again.

The pigs are growing well. Hot Dog got his nose ring hung up on the fence and ripped it out tho.. OUCH!! but he's fine now.

The Goats are just wonderful spoiled rotten babies! They just KNOW mommy always has rasins in her pocket at all times. So they just LOVE to see me coming.

The chickens are doing well.. cept now that they are free range.. and the standard hens are getting to laying age.... I dont know how to teach them to lay in the nest boxes!! I have a feeling that I have lots of newly layed eggs under the house!

I let a hen hatch her chicks and raise them in the hen house for the first time..... I usually put them in the brooder until they are big enough to fend for themselves w/ the other birds... But they are doing GREAT! How easy is that?? I dont have to do anything!! whoo hoo!

I am very worried about Angus. He looks terrible... lost lots of weight... I wormed him and the vet says no heart worms... but he is 5 now... old for a bulldog. The vet says its just a matter of time. could be days.. could be months.. no way of knowing. One thing I do know.. is he is spoiled and loved... and I will NOT handle this well!

I have decided that I want to get another Dane when the time comes tho. I won't have another English Bulldog... I love them.. but they are heartbreaking... 4-6 years??? Just not enough time.

More soon.....