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Welcome to Clover Country Farms blog! We are a small just getting started family farm in SE Texas. We have 4 boys , 1 baby girl, and lots of critters. Have a seat, put your feet up & grab a glass of cold sweet tea & have a look around. Watch us grow and learn from our mistakes... The Good The Bad & The sometimes CRAZY goings on of a Family farm.

Wednesday, November 30

Birthday Month.
Bryan turned 10 on Nov 8th. He is growing into such a little man. So smart, all A's in school.. WAY too smart for his own good! lol

Brooke turned 2 Nov 12th!! I can't believe my "baby" is 2! it seems like yesterday she was a tiny 5lb 5oz smidge.

Above is the cake I made for their party.. not to bad if I do say so myself! :)

I turned 34 on the 30th pretty non-eventful. everybody here forgot! hmmmm

Sunday, November 6

We lost Angus last month. I knew I wouldn't take it well, but never dreamed the size hole this would leave in my heart.

Arlo, Sable & Sara are doing great. We are waiting for someone to go into heat.. waiting waiting waiting....
We have decided to breed Sara w/ a wonderful Harlequin male, and Sable w/ a HUGE blue Dane.. can't wait!

We made the chicken yard into a much larger Chicken/Goat yard. We even got a car for the goats! lol a nice old Lincoln for them to run & jump on. they love it! do we have spoiled goats or what?? lol
Speaking of the goats.. Daisy and Daffodil are doing great!

The pigs are getting way bigger! we are down to 2 of them. We lost Bacon to some dogs being dogs :(. We plan to have Hot Dog as the guest of honor at our New Years eve Pig Roast. Then shortly there after Saucy will go to freezer camp.

We have a new addition..... His name is Eeyore, He's a Pot Belly Piglet who found his way into out hearts & farm. He fits right in . The kids love to play w/ him and walk him on his leash. He is soo cute. I'll get pics up soon.