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Welcome to Clover Country Farms blog! We are a small just getting started family farm in SE Texas. We have 4 boys , 1 baby girl, and lots of critters. Have a seat, put your feet up & grab a glass of cold sweet tea & have a look around. Watch us grow and learn from our mistakes... The Good The Bad & The sometimes CRAZY goings on of a Family farm.

Thursday, April 27

Stuborn Ponies!

Here are the two welsh ponies I posted about last week.
They are doing pretty good.
They havent been worked with for quite a long time, so they are skiddish.

When you can get hold of their halter or have them on a lead rope, they are fine... but till ya do.. the chase is on!

My neighbor (the horse lady) told me a good way to tame em down a bit is to ONLY let them eat when they are on a lead rope, tied up and I am messing w/ them (petting, brushing, talking etc...)
Well this is working well w/ one of them.
He is a good boy.. See's me commin w/ the feed bucket. he waits for me to come put on his lead rope, tie him up and let him eat.

Now.. His brother (we call Rowdy) is oh so stubborn!
He will inch his way up to me and eat a little bit out of my hand.. but No Way No How will he let me get ahold of his halter!
I will try to get it and get him to trust me while his brother eats... then after brother is done eating I let him off the lead and leave.
My neighbor says when he's hungry enough he'll let ya put on a lead and he'll eat.

I am kinda worried tho.
He hasn't eaten anything but some grass in the pen etc.. and a few handfuls of food since Saturday morning.
I don't want to starve him... but it seems to be a battle of the wills and

I'm thinkin I BETTER win or I'm in REAL trouble lol

Friday, April 21

Back to Blogging

I know, Its been awhile.
Have been down in the dumps.
The puppies all passing away...

We can't get the house now...
We were all set to close and found out that there is a $40,000 judgement on hubby from some things his ex didn't pay or bother to tell him about during the separation before their divorce. I got them to agree to take $15,000 but that's still $15,000 we do not have at the moment. So the house is put off for awhile. *sigh*

Oh well... on to better things.

The garden is doing GREAT!
I have HUGE tomato plants!
Corn is commin up great.
Beans doing well,
as is squash, potatoes and peppers.

We have 15 chicks & 6 guineas in the brooder Spring Has Sprung!!

We got a new billy goat for the girls, he is so cute!
He is all black except for a little white tip on his tail.
The girls are all names after flowers, so I decided the boys will be named after trees.
So.... His name is Hickory, Hick for short.
He's doing great.

Tomorrow we go to pick up 2 welsh ponies.
The boys are sooo excited!
They kinda fell into our laps, a friend of my ex's found out he has to move and he wants another full size horse, so he has to get rid of them.
They are both geldings. 4-5 years old, little paints.

They have been pastured for quite awhile now so they are awful skiddish, it's gonna take some work and patience, but they should turn out to be great little horses. The original owner used to use them for children's parties to pull kids in carts.

We shall see.

Will post pictures tomorrow. Went to see them today... right after a storm.. My oh My are they muddy!

More soon, I promise.