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Tuesday, June 27

Back to Blogging.

Summertime is in full swing here on the farm. So we have been quite busy round here, between all the kids being home, birthdays, gardening, babies of all shapes & sizes , cept human ones thank Goodness! lol. I haven't made much puter time.

I have had the most successful tomato crop this year ever!

I have practically lived on BLT sandwiches. mmm mmm mmm
Is there anything better than a BLT made w/ home-grown bacon, & Fresh, sweet, home-grown, juice runnin down your arm, tomatoes?? ... I think not.

I did make one mistake w/ the tomatoes that I will not make again!
I let them get away from me before I caged them. So I ended up w/ more of a tomato jungle than a tomato garden. I can only imagine how many I would have had if I would have done it right! WOW!

Craig turned 14 this month, I cannot believe that I am the mother of a 14 yr old!!! He got the cutest mini lop rabbit for his birthday, he is thrilled. He named him Bob, (Goofy Kid)

I had to take him to the Dr. today (swimmers ear) and he is TALLER than me!!! and I am NOT short!!!! I'm 5'7" OMG!! nuff said, I am feeling too old now! lol

Today is Charles and my 5th anniversary. Wow, time flies when your havin fun. *wink* *wink*
I still find it amazing that I am so in love w/ this man. I never thought I'd ever find true happiness w/ any man. I mean, I never was one to make the wisest choices when it came to men. I guess God decided it was time for me to find true love, and lead me to Charles, despite myself.
Thank You God!!!

Everything else is going pretty good round here.
Rowdy is being such a good horse now, he is the first one to come runnin when I go out to their pasture. He behaves on his lead rope. he still spooks too easily.. we are working on that, I am so glad I didn't give up on this beautiful boy!

Hick is growing into a fine Big Boy goat. I hope that he'll soo figure out what to do and we'll have kids coming from Daisy & daffodil. How much fun will THAT be???
I still am in search of a good Nubian that doesn't cost more than my car. so far no such luck.

Speaking of searching....
We are still having such a hard time finding a milk cow. We had 2 lined up from when Craig ran his auction to sell his stuff on Ebay to buy his mom a cow. (sweet boy) and they BOTH fell through. I guess I can't complain cause they were gonna be free. We have the names all picked out (also won in the auction) Hershey. And $43 from Craig's stuff... but no cow. **sigh** They are just few and far between here in BEEF country, and the ones you can find cost a fortune!!
Oh well.... we will find our Hershey someday.